How long your orthodontic treatment will take to complete entirely depends on your case, and each patient responds to orthodontic treatment differently. For some patients, treatment may only last as little as 6 months, while other cases may take over 24 months. It’s important to know that factors such as how far your teeth need to shift to be aligned and what type of orthodontic treatment you receive will play a role in the overall treatment time.

However, if you’re looking for faster results, our office also offers accelerated orthodontic treatments; these are methods that we use to speed up orthodontic treatments of all kinds, from Invisalign to traditional braces. That way, you can achieve your beautiful smile much faster!


Propel is an advanced orthodontic system that is used at home. It uses high frequency vibrations to help move your teeth even faster, reducing treatment time by up to 64%.

Airway Orthodontics

Does your child sleep with their mouth open? Does your child breathe properly? Does your child snore?

In children and adolescents, breathing disorders can present in a number of ways – hyperactivity, bedwetting, snoring, and other sleep problems. Dr. Varallo can determine if an obstructed airway can be resolved with a palate expander, and can redirect poor airway growth, allowing your child to sleep, breathe, and function better.

A free orthodontic consultation is the first step in getting your child on track for a healthy smile. To schedule, contact us today.

Waxy’s Kids Club Perks

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  • Free monitoring of growth and development to help time when and if treatment is needed
  • Participation in Varallo Ortho Rewards Program
  • Participation in office contests
  • Prize at every checkup
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