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Having a straight smile can increase a person’s confidence. Our team at Varallo Orthodontics knows firsthand how this works for our patients. If you are looking to get your teeth aligned, let Varallo Orthodontics and our team of highly experienced professionals give you the smile you deserve!

Our team at Varallo Orthodontics includes the best professionals. Dr. Daniel Varallo and his team have combined experience of over 100 years. Dr. Varallo has been in practice since 1993. Based on the expertise our team has, we know just how important getting braces near Medford can be for our patients and their smile.

Who We Are

We strive at Varallo Orthodontics to give every one of our patients the best in dental care, along with a welcoming environment to reduce any uneasiness they may be feeling. Our extensive experience in the orthodontic industry has gained us vast knowledge to assist our patients and provide them the proper braces near Medford.

What Braces Near Medford Can Do

Are your teeth in need of alignment? If so, our braces near Medford can help. Our highly trained orthodontic team will assess your smile upon arrival and determine which braces treatment will work best for you. We can also provide an estimate on how long you will need them. Based upon our years in the field, we will know which method will help you the quickest and most effectively.

Our braces near Medford require care and attention, including consultation and cleaning. Come in and speak with our orthodontic professionals. We will help give you a clear understanding of all expectations, so you are prepared for your braces and the beautiful smile you will have at the end of your alignment procedure.

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Call our office to speak with us today about scheduling a consultation to come in and meet our orthodontic team. We would love to discuss how we can give you the best smile possible with our braces near Medford treatment!


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Our expertise and modernized technology help clients achieve their smile dreams easier and quicker than most. We want to make our clients’ experience the best that it can be by offering our professional services and bountiful experience and expertise, and being their trusted Woburn Orthodontists.

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