7Up is more than a drink — it’s an American Association of Orthodontics recommendation! The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children see an orthodontist as young as age 7. Why so young? At this time, most of your child’s baby teeth have erupted and it’s important to monitor the growth and development of teeth and jaw bones. Dr. Varallo can spot any existing problems and recommend treatment if necessary.

Ever hear stories of endless years in braces? Phase I orthodontics is used when the child’s permanent teeth have not yet erupted. It helps clear the path for permanent teeth to develop properly and allows for your child to speak, eat, and breathe properly. Early intervention prevents lengthy Phase 2 treatments.

What are the Benefits to an Early Consultation?

  • Identify extra or missing teeth
  • Correct habits
  • Guide tooth eruption
  • Correct jaw growth abnormalities
  • Create room for crowded teeth
  • Prevent damage to teeth and gums
  • Correct airway issues such as snoring and mouth breathing
  • Improve Self Esteem

Even if your child doesn’t have any of these symptoms, they would benefit from meeting with Dr. Varallo to monitor for any changes. Dr. Varallo could then time your child’s treatment, so that the best results are achieved in the shortest amount of time.

Airway Orthodontics

Does your child sleep with their mouth open? Does your child breathe properly? Does your child snore?

In children and adolescents, breathing disorders can present in a number of ways – hyperactivity, bedwetting, snoring, and other sleep problems. Dr. Varallo can determine if an obstructed airway can be resolved with a palate expander, and can redirect poor airway growth, allowing your child to sleep, breathe, and function better.

A free orthodontic consultation is the first step in getting your child on track for a healthy smile. To schedule, contact us today.

Waxy’s Kids Club Perks

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Free monitoring of growth and development to help time when and if treatment is needed
  • Participation in Varallo Ortho Rewards Program
  • Participation in office contests
  • Prize at every checkup
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