Blend In With
Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are just like metal braces, but instead are tooth-colored so that they blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. At Varallo Orthodontics in Arlington and Burlington, MA, we offer patients our Damon Clear braces, a popular alternative to traditional ceramic braces.

Blend In With Clear Braces

There are several reasons why a patient may need braces. Most patients require braces to correct misaligned teeth or fix an over- or under-bite.

When people think of braces, the first thing that comes to mind is the large, bulky metal wires and brackets that can cause discomfort and a less satisfying appearance. However, clear ceramic braces help prevent all of these concerns.

Clear braces with Dr. Varallo are less noticeable on your teeth than metal braces. Many older teenagers and adult patients at Varallo Orthodontics prefer this subtler option because you can achieve a great smile without the visibility of metal braces.

These ceramic options blend in well with your natural smile. Though they're not completely invisible, and the brackets are about the same size and shape as metal braces, they're much less noticeable for patients throughout Arlington, Burlington, and the surrounding areas.

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Benefits of Damon Clear Braces

With our Damon Clear braces, people may not even recognize that you’re wearing braces! Damon Clear braces from our Arlington & Burlington, MA offices provide additional benefits, including:

  • More discreet material that is stain resistant from coffee, tea, and other agents
  • Braces that are less noticeable and more comfortable than traditional metal braces
  • Damon Clear braces are part of the innovative Damon System which combines tieless braces with high-technology archwires that are clinically proven to align your teeth, usually without extractions or rapid palatal expanders
  • Easier dental hygiene and gentler on your gums
  • Fewer adjustments and quicker tooth movement with Damon memory wires

Cost of Ceramic Braces

The cost of your treatment at Varallo Orthodontics will vary depending on the complexity of your case. Dr. Varallo will determine a treatment fee that fits your specific orthodontic needs, and our team will do everything we can to accommodate you and your budget.

The good news is that Dr. Varallo offers flexible payment plans and automatic bank drafts, and we will also check with your Massachusetts insurance company for orthodontic benefits. Our goal is to provide outstanding value to Arlington, Burlington, and beyond for a reasonable fee.

At Varallo Orthodontics, ceramic brackets cost a little more than metal brackets. One of the most significant factors impacting your total treatment cost will be the materials we use for your braces.

We need to factor in the work it takes to put your braces on, adjust them, and remove them into your total treatment cost.

Placing and removing ceramic braces demands more attention and technique from our experts at Varallo Orthodontics, and that demands more time.

Our treatment coordinators will be happy to go over the cost with you at your first free consultation at our office in Arlington or Burlington.

Best for Adults

Installing Damon clear braces requires a free exam to determine if they're right for you. Many factors will determine your treatment plans, such as the optimal amount of time you need to wear braces and your jaw formation.

At Varallo Orthodontics, we generally think ceramic braces suit adults and older teens better than children and younger teens.

Schedule a free consultation at our office in Arlington or Burlington to learn if they may be right for you.

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