COVID Safety Protocols

At Varallo Orthodontics, we want you to have a positive experience, which includes going the extra mile to give you a safe and secure environment for treatment.

Appointment Procedures

  • We ask that all patients be on time for their appointments.
    • Each patient should brush and floss before coming in for their appointment.
  • There is a hand sanitizer station inside the door to each office.
    • All patients need to sanitize their hands.
  • Dr. Varallo will assess the needs of each patient.
    • If a bracket is broken, he will decide if/when the bracket needs replacement.
    • If it doesn't impact any part of the patient's treatment, it may be left off for the time being as long as treatment can still be predictable and progress properly.
  • Each patient will be given a summary of the visit, any special considerations, and the next appointment written on it.
    • A parent is asked to contact the office for any questions regarding treatment or the next appointment date.
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Enhanced Safety Protocols

  • AEROSOLS – Dr. Varallo does not use high-speed drills with water or other high-producing aerosol instruments and procedures. High-volume suction is used chairside as needed.
  • DISINFECTION – We continuously disinfect all clinical and non-clinical surfaces per CDC guidelines.
  • TWO-OFFICE LOCATION SCHEDULING – Our two office locations will allow us to alternate our schedule to maximize the times of air exchange.
  • VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS – Virtual appointments are available whenever possible for our patient's convenience.
  • BARRIERS – Floor-to-ceiling partitions have been added between clinic chairs to provide distance and privacy between our patients.
  • PPE – We use PPE per the CDC guidelines. Scrubs and lab coats are being continuously changed and laundered in-house.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Our schedule has been adjusted to maximize social distancing to keep our patients and team safe.
  • VACCINATED – Dr. Varallo, our assistants, and our staff are now completely vaccinated!
Orthodontist Office Arlington MA

Appointment Wellness

You should answer "NO" to the following questions before visiting our office for your appointment:

  • Have you been sick at all? Fever or cough over the past 14 days?
  • Have you been exposed to the coronavirus?
  • Have you had any other flu-like symptoms, such as gastrointestinal upset? Or loss of smell?

We must reschedule your appointment if you answered "YES" to any of these questions.