Do Braces Hurt?

Have you ever wondered, “Do braces hurt?” Then you’re in the right place! At Varallo Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on sharing the most helpful and relevant info for our patients to make their treatment as smooth as possible. 

Not everyone who comes into our office ends up needing braces. Depending on your needs, Invisalign, or other treatment options, might be a better choice. But those who end up needing the powerful adjusting force of braces will need to know a few things in order to best prepare for their treatment. Let’s spend some time talking about pain and braces, and what you should expect!

When Your Teeth Might Hurt From Braces

When They First Go On

Braces almost always cause some tenderness when they are first put on. This is because they are built to start the shifting and aligning process as soon as they are on your teeth. When your teeth are being forced to shift, this causes some tenderness and pain. Be aware that this pain should not be excruciating or sharp. Instead, it should be more of a dull pain that aches the most when biting or chewing. 

This initial pain should only last a few days in total, so don’t worry. Pain will certainly not be your whole treatment experience, and there are some easy ways to treat it that we will talk about a bit more below. 

After Adjustments

Throughout your treatment, you will be coming by our office regularly. Typically, Dr. Varallo will want to see you every 6-10 weeks. These tweaks and adjustments to your smile will also result in some slight soreness. You can treat this kind of soreness the same way we recommend taking care of yourself after braces go on and will discuss more below.

As Your Teeth Shift

When you have braces, you may notice that occasionally a tooth or a row of teeth are just sore. This isn’t a bad thing, it means that the braces are doing what they are supposed to be doing–adjusting your smile! If soreness persists or turns into stabbing pain, it’s time to call our office for advice. But a little occasional soreness is to be expected! 

How to Handle Discomfort

Ask one of our assistants for some wax the next time you are in our office for a visit. We would love to get you some and show you how to use it. Just don’t forget to remove it before you eat or drink!

Pain Relievers

Dr. Varallo recommends taking which ever pain reliever you would take for a headache during those uncomfortable days. When you take them as prescribed, it can really take the edge off your discomfort, and help you operate at your normal schedule! 

Warm Compress

Pressing a warm compress on your cheek when your teeth are sore is a great way to get some short-term relief. Since dental pain should never last too long, finding these kinds of simple solutions will really help you as you adjust! 

Following the Braces Diet

Eating a safe and supportive diet while on braces will be important throughout your treatment. This is especially true during adjustments! We recommend a diet of soups, smoothies, oatmeal, bananas, applesauce, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, and other super-soft foods during those first few days after braces come on. This will help you get some nutrients without chewing too much. 

After you have adjusted and no longer have pain, it’s still important to eat foods that won’t break your braces or harm your teeth. This means avoiding crunchy, hard, sticky, or chewy foods! 

When to NOT Expect Pain With Braces

All the Time

While it might be a little uncomfortable at some moments, you should not experience chronic or sharp pain with your braces! Aching or small irritations due to brackets and adjustments is completely normal, but sharp and ongoing pain should never happen which means you should talk to Dr. Varallo right away!

During Application and Removal

The process of having your braces put on or removed should be super seamless. Thanks to improvements in technology over the years, you should scarcely even feel it, which is great! Be sure to talk to our staff throughout the process and let them know how you’re feeling!

Do Braces Hurt

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